Audi spells out EV plans for U.S.

Michael Strong, The Detroit Bureau »

In the U.S., Audi has introduced five production models: the Audi Q5 TFSI e, A7 TFSI e and A8 TFSI e plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) as well as the e-tron all-electric SUV and upcoming e-tron Sportback. Coming soon are the Audi Q4 e-tron SUV and e-tron GT performance sedan, which have already been shown as concept vehicles.

In order to ensure it can meet the timeframe while offering a variety of vehicles, Audi’s using a tried-and-true method for building vehicles: platforms. In this case, four of them that the German premium brand claims “balance performance, efficiency, practicality and the engineering and craftsmanship synonymous with the Audi brand.”

The four architectures that will be the foundation for a slew of vehicles in multiple segments and capabilities starts with what’s already here — MLB evo, essentially the brand’s first electric vehicles.

Audi’s first EV carries the “e-tron” name, and is the start of the modular longitudinal platform, or MLB evo. The Audi e-tron SUV is the brand’s first all-electric SUV, and it went on sale in the U.S. last May. It offers new era technology, such as a sophisticated drive and recuperation system, with what people buying vehicles in the near-luxury segment expect from a ute: all-wheel drive and maximum comfort. » […]

Volkswagen announces a virtual motor show from 3 – 17 April 2020



Following the cancellation of this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, VW has set up a virtual motor show.

Starting today, visitors can experience all the new models of the brand for two weeks round the clock from their own homes.

The main focus of the virtual motor show is on the upcoming products of 2020 that range from the VW ID.3 electric vehicle to the new Touareg R with plug-in hybrid.

They also features the latest generation of the iconic sports versions of the compact Golf, the GTI, GTD, and GTE.

The 360° tour offers an interactive digital experience allowing visitors to immerse into the virtual motor show. They can stroll across the virtual booth, view vehicles from all angles, and also change colours and wheel rim configurations.

The website will be viewable in both German and English until April 17, 2020.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E starts at £40,270 in the UK

At the current exchange rate (April 3, 2020), that is equal to about CDN$69,785. or US$49,280.

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Carscoops »

Ford has announced pricing and specs for the Mustang Mach-E in the United Kingdom, where the electric SUV starts at £40,270 ($49,924), with deliveries to commence at the end of the year. It can be pre-ordered with a £1,000 ($1,240) deposit.

The entry-level model is offered with the 75.7 kWh battery and offers a targeted range of 280 miles (451 km). The electric motor that powers the rear wheels produces 254 HP (258 PS / 190 kW) and 306 lb-ft (415 Nm) of torque, for a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) acceleration of under 8 seconds and a 111 mph (179 km/h) top speed.

2020 Ford Kuga PHEV SUV reviewed by AutoExpress

2020 Ford Kuga PHEV

2020 Ford Kuga PHEV

Auto Express UK »

The Ford Kuga PHEV is at its best when running around in its pure-EV mode. The engine is a little intrusive when it kicks in, and the CVT gearbox doesn’t do the driving experience any favours. Thankfully, the Kuga has a usable electric range, plus enough space for all the family. ST-Line brings plenty of kit, and if you’re planning to buy on finance or as a company car, this PHEV version could work out cheaper per month than an equivalent diesel model.

We’ve already driven the new Ford Kuga, and been impressed by its handling, interior and strong kit list. The mild-hybrid diesel model did a lot well, but while that car is likely to be the top-seller, this plug-in hybrid will appeal to company car buyers looking to cut their tax bills. » […]

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Tesla reports delivering “approximately 88,400 vehicles” in Q1 2020

Tesla News Release »

In the first quarter, we produced almost 103,000 vehicles and delivered approximately 88,400 vehicles. This is our best ever first quarter performance.

Tesla is now grouping models in their reporting. This has the effect of camouflaging the numbers for each model »

  • Model S & X » Production 15,390 » Deliveries 12,200
  • Model 3 & Y » Production 87,282 » Deliveries 76,200
  • Total » Production 102,672 » Deliveries 88,400

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Bentley’s first all-electric model expected not before 2025

Bentley is part of the Volkswagen Group.

Jim Holder and Mike Duff, Autocar »

“If we’re to launch an electric car in the mid-2020s, then it either needs to be smaller than today’s cars or the same size but not as upright, and smaller isn’t an appealing solution, as it implies a lower price segment,” said Hallmark. “The prediction is battery technology will have moved forward again by that date and that will put us at the edge of what we think we need to give customers: 300-350 miles of range, or enough to cruise at a 65mph average for five hours.

“We need to be looking at how we can deliver slippier cars with a profile that gets the most out of it aerodynamically in order to deliver on that promise.”

The target date of 2025 and Hallmark’s comments confirm growing evidence that the first Bentley EV will crown a position of environmental and sustainability leadership that the company has been building towards in recent years. » […]

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Toyota and BYD announced their joint venture to develop EVs and batteries

Chris Randall, electrive »

The joint venture, called BYD Toyota EV Technology (BTET), is based in Shenzhen and is scheduled to start operations in May.

With the 50:50 joint venture, the partners will create around 300 jobs. The two companies will share not only the capital but also the personnel: Engineers from both BYD and Toyota will move to the new joint venture from the development departments of their respective companies. Hirohisa Kishi from Toyota is the chairman of the new company, Zhao Binggen from BYD is the CEO. » […]

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“From the ‘Green Hell’ to Heaven’s Gate” » a year of electric records” with Romain Dumas and the fully-electric ID.R.

Volkswagen via YouTube »

Nürburgring, Goodwood, Tianmen – three countries, three records. Volkswagen Motorsport continued its record-breaking venture with the fully-electric ID.R in 2019. We take a look back at a successful year with the documentary “From the ‘Green Hell’ to Heaven’s Gate – a year of electric records”.

CEO Ola Källenius answers questions about the Mercedes EV strategy

Mercedes G-Wagen

Even the iconic Mercedes G-Wagen will go electric in a few years.

Autocar’s Steve Cropley recently interviewed Mercedes CEO, Ola Källenius. He reiterated the company is fully committed to EVs.

Källenius stated Mercedes would like to continue their involvement with Formula 1 racing should the situation should the future be “ecologically satisfactory as well as financially sound.” Mercedes has been the Formula One World Constructors’ Champions for the past six years and recently joined the Formula E all-electric championship.

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Muto urban e-bike review claims it’s near-perfect, but also not inexpensive

Thomas Ricker, The Verge »

The result is called Muto, a pedal-assisted electric bike that has the potential to become the default e-bike for Europe and beyond.
More new e-bikes are sold in the Netherlands than regular bikes, and Muto’s parent company Stella claims to sell more than any other brand. The 10-year-old Dutch bike maker, headquartered in Nunspeet, about 50 miles east of Amsterdam, had been assembling about 600 e-bikes a day prior to the coronavirus pandemic.
Muto is a fantastic e-bike designed for city dwellers who use, or want to use, bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. It’s so good, with so many thoughtful features available at such a reasonable price, that it could very well become the Toyota Camry or VW Golf of electric bikes. » […]