Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

Christoph Rauwald, Bloomberg via Automotive News Europe»

Manufacturing at Audi‘s factory in Brussels stopped on Thursday and the plant will remain idle until Tuesday, a company spokeswoman said on Monday.

Audi sold about 26,400 e-tron cars last year, she said, declining to comment on estimated deliveries this year.


LG Chem supplies the battery cells for the model.

Audi is suffering from a shortage of battery cells supplied from LG Chem’s factory in Poland, German media reports said.

Audi planned to build 80,000 e-trons this year, but LG can so far only promise 40,000 battery cells, the business paper Handelsblatt said.

LG is Audi’s only cell supplier but the automaker is looking to get supplies from other battery companies, the paper said.

Updated March 26, 2020

Audi will be building an EV battery assembly plant in Ingolstadt, Germany to help meet it’s growing lithium battery demand.

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