BMW Series 5

BMW Series 5

The BMW eDrive Zone function triggers an automatic switch to purely electric operating mode as soon as the vehicle enters selected urban areas such as urban low-emission zones.

The digital service uses geo-fencing technology via GPS to identify designated areas. eDrive zones of this kind are currently designated in some 80 cities throughout Europe. When the service is activated, each available eDrive Zone on the navigation map is graphically highlighted in the Control Display: a message appears to inform the driver that the vehicle will automatically switch to electric driving mode as soon as it enters an eDrive Zone.

BMW eDrive Zone will be a standard feature of all plug-in hybrid models of the BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series as well as the BMW X5.

From summer 2020, these plug-in hybrid models will also be fitted with an integrated drive-ready sound for electric power as standard. This means that both starting and stopping the electric drive will be accompanied by a distinctive acoustic signal.

Depending on the equipment fitted, more functions will be available that can be activated remotely by smartphone, in addition to interior cooling and heating. In future it will also be possible to activate the seat climate control before the start of a journey, for example. In the same way it will be possible to include the seat, steering wheel, exterior mirror and rear window heating systems in the preconditioning for heating the interior, as well as heating of the cameras for the driver assistance systems.

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