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Minnesota sues Exxon, American Petroleum Institute, and Koch Industries, claiming for decades they ‘deceived, lied and misrepresented the effects of their product to the public’ about health effects and climate change


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

Mike Hughlett / Minneapolis Star Tribune »

The lawsuit, filed in Ramsey County District Court, includes claims of multiple violations of Minnesota laws, including fraud, deceptive trade practices and false statements in advertising.

“The defendants deceived, lied and misrepresented the effects of their product to the public,” Ellison said at a news conference. “For 30 years, [they] made misleading statements about climate change.”

Valerie Volcovici / Reuters »

“The fraud, deceptive advertising, and other violations of Minnesota state law and common law that the lawsuit shows they perpetrated have harmed Minnesotans’ health and our state’s environment, infrastructure, and economy,” Ellison said.

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Volkswagen Chattanooga, Tennessee produced it’s one-millionth vehicle, a non-electric Aurora Red Metallic 2020 Passat

Volkswagen Chattanooga assembled it’s one-millionth vehicle. It is a non-electric, ICE, Aurora Red Metallic 2020 Volkswagen Passat R-Line. So why is this milestone significant for EV Car Guide, a site focused on electric vehicles?

VW would be the first to say “The future is electric”. And the Chattanooga assembly plant is slated to assemble the ID.4 SUV will be built on the MEB platform at this assembly plant in the coming years.

The Volkswagen Chattanooga plant has been assembling vehicles since 2011. They have since employed some 3,800 people and exported vehicles to Canada, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, and the Middle East.

Volkswagen Chattanooga will soon be Volkswagen’s North American base for manufacturing electric vehicles, representing an approximately $800 million additional investment, starting in 2022. The expansion will enable production of long-range EVs began back in November 2019.

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Ford doesn’t believe low fuel prices will annihilate the electric car segment, claiming motorists buy EVs because they’re great

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Bengt Halvorson / Green Car Reports »

Ford’s global director of electrification, Mark Kaufman »

“Ford’s perspective is in order to meet that demand, you’ve got to really come up with a compelling reason for the customers to buy—so exciting products, great capability, new functionality that you can’t quite get with a conventionally powered vehicle for us are all ways that we can help manage that transition to the end of the decade.”

And that’s why Ford doesn’t see the success of its EVs like Mach-E as being tethered to the price of gas, he said.

“We think…people are buying them because they’re great products first and maybe that cost of ownership on some products, like the commercial van, might be a little bit more of a consideration,” he said. “If you were only relying on cost of ownership as your main reason for purchase, this (very low gas prices) could be quite disruptive.”

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Suncor Energy’s CEO » The shift to electric vehicles and other low-carbon technologies could disrupt crude oil demand on a similar scale to the coronavirus pandemic

Jeff Lewis / Reuters »

The comments are a stark prediction in an industry that frequently downplays the impact of electrification and points to forecasts of rising global oil demand to justify new investment and pipeline expansions.

Canada is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer and the sector accounts for 10.6% of the country’s gross domestic product.

“While Canadian oil and gas will remain a significant part of the global energy mix for some time, we have to take advantage of new opportunities that offer attractive growth prospects,” Suncor CEO Mark Little said in an opinion article for Canada’s Corporate Knights magazine.

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