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Formula E is a single seater motorsport championship that uses only electric cars. The series is promoted and owned by Formula E Holdings.

Video » Why the air we breathe is not as clean as we think

ABB Formula E explains why the air around us represents a potentially major health threat to over 90% of the planet, with children around the world born into an environment where their first breath contains polluted air.

As the risks increase, Saunders CB reveals how global initiatives hope to improve the situation and how driving electric cars is one change we can all make to achieve a huge difference in #TheRaceForCleanAir

Why The Air We Breathe Is Not As Clean As We Think

Formula E will resume racing in August at the historic Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport » 6 races, 3 different track layouts, all within 9 days » it will be intensive and this will decide the winner of the 2019/20 Championship

The German airfield has been chosen to close out the current season, hosting three double-headers in quick succession on August 5/6, 8/9 and 12/13.

Each pair of races will use a different track configuration, presenting opportunities for distinct strategies and the conditions for Formula E’s unpredictable and exciting racing.

The 2019/2020 season has already contested five races before the season was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. DS Techeetah driver Antonio Felix da Costa is currently topping the standings, but only 11 points clear of nearest rival Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s Mitch Evans.

The trip to Berlin will round out Formula E’s revised season six calendar, taking the total number of rounds to 11. With the top-four drivers in the championship separated by fewer points than a single race win offers, it’s still all to play for when the racing recommences in Berlin.

Mark your calendars.

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Gen 3 Formula E racing may include ultra-fast charger during pitstops

While the introduction of the third generation of Formula E cars will be delayed a year due to Coronavirus, the new specs provide an indication the sport is driving towards. Starting in 2023, Gen 3 Formula E cars promise to be lighter, deliver more power from smaller batteries, more regenerative braking, and, if the technology is advanced enough, 600kW ultra fast charging (UFC) during pitstops. And there are other technological advancements the sport is pushing towards.

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First off, the Gen3 spec car will have a qualifying output of 350kw, that’s 100kw more than the current race car, a gain of 134hp to 469hp. This pushes the car power output well up the FIA ladder, more than F3 cars, not quite at the level of F2. Although the FE car’s weight is higher.

For the battery partner, the task will be to build a new battery, slightly smaller in capacity to the current spec, but with a much-reduced weight. The FE rules set out the maximum weight for the cells inside the battery, in the current Gen2 battery this is 284kg, but will reduce to 180kg, with the related parts around the cells also slimmed, the battery aims to be 120kg lighter, forming most of the weight loss from the new car.

As mentioned above, the battery loses a few kwh from its capacity which will help reduce the weight, but this is only a 5.5% reduction in capacity to 51kwh. But Formula E has an exciting way to add that lost energy back into the car during the race, mid race recharging pitstops!

Plans are set for a 30 second recharge pitstop mid-race, at a rate of 600kw which would top up the battery and replace the lost 4kwh from its spec…

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