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Chinese EV startup Aiways shipping 500 crossovers to Corsica

Chris Randall / electrive »

Aiways is now supplying the car rental company Filippi Auto in Corsica with several hundred units of its battery-electric SUV U5 as part of the Electrify Corsica project. Filippi Auto is Aiways’ first major customer in Europe.

The Corsican client is the operator of the Hertz car rental companies on the Mediterranean island. The Chinese BEV fleet is to be integrated into the company’s fleet of cars as early as this summer, according to a press release electrivereceived by email. The procurement project is part of a large-scale campaign to reduce emissions and air pollution in Corsica and to make the island a hub for e-mobility.

Yang Jian / Automotive News »

The vehicles – all U5 crossovers – will be used for leasing on the island in the Mediterranean Sea, the company said.

The U5 – about the size of an Audi Q5 – is Aiways’ first product and is equipped with a 140-kilowatt electric motor, with a range of more than 400 kilometers.

Aiways was established in Shanghai in 2017 by Volvo Car Corp.’s former China sales chief, Fu Qiang, and SAIC Motor Corp.’s former CFO, Gu Feng. It has an assembly plant in Shangrao of east China’s Jiangxi province.


Swindon Powertrain compact motor for EV conversions are now available to order from its website

The company states it’s Swindon Powertrain’s compact HPD 80kW ‘crate’ motor for electric vehicle conversions is suitable for OEMs, niche vehicle manufacturers, electric car conversion companies, as well as the enthusiast home mechanic.

Prices start at just £6,400+VAT (~ US$7870.) for the 80kW (107bhp) motor, transmission, and differential with options for cooling, inverters, and limited slip differential also available.

Deliveries to the first customers will commence in August 2020.

Raphaël Caillé, Swindon Powertrain managing director, told Autocar UK »

“Really we started the design two years ago. We saw an opportunity in the market: if you’re a car manufacturer and you want to make 10,000 or 100,000 [electric] vehicles a year, there are plenty of suppliers to talk to. If you want to do an electric vehicle and you’re looking at a dozen, a hundred or even a thousand a year, there was nobody to talk to until now.

“This is definitely the only EV powertrain that you will be able to buy online from a website, with a credit card, on a one-by-one basis.”

Autoblog »

And yes, you will be able to buy and ship one of these to the United States. Swindon says it can ship directly to U.S. customers — you’ll be able to choose whether you want the 60-kg package (the powertrain itself weighs 49 kg) to come to you by air or by sea.

electrive »

Swindon Powertrain sees its primary use coming from electric conversions of sports cars, classic cars, small commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles such as golf buggies. The powertrain has flexibility for a variety of uses through having different installation points and two inverter options.

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Watch videos of the Rimac C_Two, the Croatian electric hypercar [Updated]

The Rimac’s C_Two has 1,887bhp (1,400kW), 1,696lb ft of torque, a 0-62mph in 1.85 seconds, a 258mph top speed, and a £1.7million (~CDN$2.9million /  US$2.1million) price tag.

Misha Charoudin – a POV of the first time he takes the car for a drive »

Note » While Charoudin is best-known for his videos at the Nürburgring, he is now involved in the marketing department at Rimac.

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Sir James Dyson unveils his cancelled electric vehicle project

Sir James Dyson unveils his cancelled Dyson electric car project, codenamed "N526"

Sir James Dyson unveils his cancelled Dyson electric car project, codenamed “N526”

Britain’s richest man, spent £500 million developing an electric car. The goal was to build a Tesla competitor with 960 kilometres (600 miles) of range. The Dyson EV project was scrapped in late 2019.

The Sunday Times Driving UK »

It was meant to be the British answer to Tesla’s electric vehicles: the Dyson car, from the genius inventor of the eponymous cyclonic vacuum cleaners, hand driers and hair driers, was said to have breakthrough technology that would allow superior range per charge and other innovations to set it apart from the rest. But James Dyson scrapped the project in October last year, claiming it was not commercially viable. Its demise was as shocking as its inception.

Now Dyson, 73, has revealed his doomed vehicle for the first time in an exclusive interview and photo for The Sunday Times Rich List, an annual league table of the wealthiest people in Britain. The 2020 Rich List coincidentally sees Dyson top the table for the first time, with an estimated £16.2bn fortune.


Engadget »

According to The Times, Dyson revealed that his electric vehicle, codenamed “N526,” would have been a seven-seater with a whopping 600-mile range per charge. This was largely thanks to the company’s proprietary solid-state batteries, which could apparently sustain such performance “even on a freezing February night, on the naughty side of 70MPH on the motorway, with the heater on and the radio at full blast.” Assuming that 600-mile figure was based on Europe’s WLTP standards, it would have been an impressive jump from Tesla Model S’ 379 miles and almost doubling the long-range Model X’s 314 miles (the latter also a seven-seater).

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CATL confirms it will supply Tesla in China with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries from H2 of 2020

EV Specifications »

On May 13, during an annual investors conference, CATL announced that it will supply lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries to Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory. This is the first tie CATL discloses in public any partnership with Tesla. CATL Chairman Cheung Yu-chin also said that cooperation with Tesla is not limited to its China operations.

Karma Automotive showed off a new version of its E-Flex modular EV platform, designed for extended-range electric SUVs and pickup trucks with all-wheel drive

Viknesh Vijayenthiran / Motor Authority »

The SUV and pickup version of the platform is known as the AWD EREV E-Flex, and as the name suggests it also features all-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive system is formed by mounting an electric motor at each axle.

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Solo, an electric vehicle built for one, is set to hit the market


ElectraMeccanica Solo

Susan Carpenter / NY Times »

“So many vehicles are being driven by one person,” said Paul Rivera, chief executive of the Solo’s manufacturer, ElectraMeccanica, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. “Why does everybody think they need to drive around and leave three or four empty seats?”

Nearly 90 percent of Americans who commute by car, truck, van or motorcycle drive alone, according to the Census Bureau. Positioning itself as a right-size alternative to hauling around all of that excess automotive tonnage, the Solo takes up about a quarter of the space of a typical S.U.V. It also looks like a car — at least from the front — with the usual hood, grille and headlights. Take a peek from behind, however, and it tapers down to just one wheel.

DrivingElectric takes a look at the Dacia Spring Electric

DrivingElectric »

The production version of this Dacia Spring Electric concept car could seriously shake up the European electric-car market when it goes on sale in 2021. Based on the Chinese-market Renault K-ZE, it promises to undercut the Skoda Citigo-e and become the cheapest new electric car you can buy.

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ArcFox Alpha-T » Another attractive EV emerges out of China

ArcFox Alpha-T

ArcFox Alpha-T

The ArcFox Alpha-T is a dual-motor EV crossover manufactured by BAIC and Magna.

Carscoops »

Powering the Alpha-T is a pair of electric motors that combine to produce 218 hp and 265 lb-ft (360 Nm) of torque. These motors get their grunt from a large 93.6 kWh battery pack from SK in South Korea. The SUV has been rated at an impressive 406 miles (653 km) of driving range over the NEDC cycle.

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Karma showcases extended range E-Flex platform for utility van applications

Karma EREV E-Flex Van

Karma EREV E-Flex Van

Karma News Release »

Karma Automotive today announced its E-Flex utility van platform with extended range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture. The new platform is one of five demonstration projects designed to illustrate Karma’s technical direction and capabilities through the use of highly versatile EREV and battery electric (BEV) chassis systems.

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