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The Brussels government has adopted the definitive version of its Climate plan.

The Climate plan will phase out the use of diesel by 2030 and the use of petrol by 2035 at the latest.

The previous government created a low-emission zone, which includes areas in all the Brussels communes. The progressive ban of the highest-polluting diesel and petrol vehicles between now and 2025 is currently underway.

To achieve this, the Brussels government has committed to “setting new benchmarks for the LEZ for all types of vehicle for 2025-2035” next year. “While working with stakeholders and any affected professional sectors. We will be taking into account the social, economic and budget impact and the alternative technologies available,” a spokes person said.

The Brussels government also plans “to add motorcycles to the LEZ rules, which are currently not included for operational reasons. A ban of the highest-polluting motorcycles will be added in 2022.”

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