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BMW eDrive Zone technology to be standard in all plug-in hybrid models in the BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, and 7 Series, as well as the X5

BMW Series 5

BMW Series 5

The BMW eDrive Zone function triggers an automatic switch to purely electric operating mode as soon as the vehicle enters selected urban areas such as urban low-emission zones.

The digital service uses geo-fencing technology via GPS to identify designated areas. eDrive zones of this kind are currently designated in some 80 cities throughout Europe. When the service is activated, each available eDrive Zone on the navigation map is graphically highlighted in the Control Display: a message appears to inform the driver that the vehicle will automatically switch to electric driving mode as soon as it enters an eDrive Zone.

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Mercedes-Benz has started taking orders in Europe for its EQV, a zero emissions electric van built for families, recreation and business

Mercedes-Benz EQV Starts Selling as EQV 300, Priced at EUR71,388

Mercedes Benz News Release »

  • Everyday electric mobility with a range of up to 418 kilometers and standard fast charging function.
  • The EQV is the second member of the EQ family of Mercedes-Benz.
  • After eVito and eSprinter, with the EQV most every Mercedes-Benz van is available electric.
  • The EQV starts with a price up from EUR 71,388.10 (incl. 19% VAT).

The new battery-electric-powered large-capacity sedan from Mercedes-Benz, the EQV, can now be ordered. For the market launch, the third electric van with star is available in the long wheelbase version as EQV 300. The EQV combines emission-free mobility with convincing driving performance, high functionality and an aesthetic design. The battery with a usable capacity of 90 kWh enables a range of up to 418 kilometres.

“Whether for the environmentally conscious family, the recreational athlete or as a shuttle vehicle – our EQV offers superior driving performance, long range as well as a generous range of space – and all this locally emission-free” says Andreas Böger, Head of Sales of New Vehicles Mercedes-Benz Transporter and Vans Germany, at the start of sales of the EQV…

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The pandemic ravaged economy is expected to give electric vehicles a boost in markets committed to stimulating the transition towards battery power, while EV demand will slow drastically in those that don’t

“EV adoption is probably going to keep rising and not even dip, which is quite remarkable,” said BNEF head of advanced transport Colin McKerracher, the lead author on the long-term forecast, which assesses the market from now to 2040. “But that adoption rate is about to get very different between different countries.”

In the U.S., EV sales will shrink to just 1.7 percent of the personal auto market in 2021. At the same time, the sector will swell to 8.1 percent of all sales in China, which accounts for the largest share of global EV sales, and 5 percent of those in Europe, the BNEF report says.

Mazda MX-30 SUV production begins » The first electric Mazda has rolled off the line at the company’s Ujina #1 factory in Japan

2020 Mazda MX-30

2020 Mazda MX-30

The MX-30 is for the Japanese and European markets. The maximum range of 200 km is thought to be inadequate for the North American consumer. Available to order now, the MX-30 will arrive in European dealerships from autumn 2020 onwards.

Mazda News Release »

A stylish and versatile SUV, the MX-30 has been created in response to the increasingly high demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) amongst the environmentally conscientious in Europe.

The new MX-30 is equipped with e-Skyactiv1 – Mazda’s new electric drive technology. The front-wheel-drive powertrain combines a 107kW (145PS) AC synchronous electric motor with a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery, equipping the new SUV with a driving range of approximately 200km (WLTP combined).

Sized to provide the optimum balance between a driving range which gives customers peace of mind and CO2 emissions from an LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) perspective, the system battery can be charged to 80% within approximately 40 minutes using DC rapid charging.

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Registrations of battery electric vehicles (BEV) in Europe doubled during the first months of 2020, while overall passenger cars fell by 25.6% compared to the same period last year

Emanuela Barbiroglio / Forbes »

According to Floris Jousma, clean mobility specialist at the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, “most people that registered a new BEV in the first quarter had already ordered them before the pandemic.” Now that more models have become available, prices are dropping, and the range of the newer models has increased, more people are being convinced they could live with an electric car. Furthermore, more countries with big markets like Germany, France, UK and Italy, implemented more financially interesting incentives for consumers.

“Also, the effect of having more electric vehicles on the road affects people’s view and mindset,” Jousma adds. “Our research shows that when an acquaintance (like a friend, family member or even neighbor) buys an electric vehicle, people are more inclined to also open their mind to buying one as their next car.” …

Plunging sales due to pandemic, could force factories to close and lead to takeovers and mergers, but also bolster sales of electric cars

Jack Ewing / NY Times »

In March, as much of Europe went into lockdown, car sales on the continent fell by more than half. But registrations of battery-powered cars surged 23 percent, according to Matthias Schmidt, an analyst in Berlin who tracks the industry.

In April, lockdowns caught up with electric cars, too, and their sales fell 31 percent, according to Mr. Schmidt’s estimate. But that was nothing compared with the total European car market, which plummeted 80 percent.

But here’s what has a good chance of happening.

Carmakers may not be as motivated to sell electric cars in coming months. They will be tempted to instead push S.U.V.s, which generate far greater profits and are easier to sell now that fuel prices have plunged.

Much will depend on government incentives and regulations. Europe and China are doing more to promote electric cars than the United States under the Trump administration.

Some possible good news for startups.

Turmoil in the market could be good for electric car start-ups like Byton and Lucid, which have proliferated after Tesla showed it was possible to challenge the traditional carmakers. The start-ups have a chance to attack the market while the established companies are struggling.

The €78,000 Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid went on sale in Europe in 2019, but is only now beginning to arrive in local dealerships

The 2020 Ford Explorer PHEV starts at €78,000 (~US$82,000), about the same as a BMW X5 PHEV In Germany.

2020 Ford Explorer PHEV

2020 Ford Explorer PHEV

Dan Mihalascu / Carscoops »

Compared to the specifications released more than a year ago, the automaker has operated some changes which are mostly related to the powertrain. The Explorer Plug-In Hybrid combines a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 petrol engine with an electric motor, a generator and 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery.

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BYD to offer the Han EV sedan in Europe

Han EV

Han EV

The BYD Han is projected to have MSRP of between €45,000 (~US$49,000) and €55,000 (~US$60,000).

Carrie Hampel / electrive »

BYD is also targeting European markets with its new Han electric sedan. After the model was originally supposed to debut in April at Auto China, which was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic, the manufacturer has just announced that it intends to present the model in Europe. BYD is also already naming a price range for sales in Europe.

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Registrations of electric cars in Europe jumped 57.4% in Q1 2020, and accounted for 4.3% of total registrations

Electric vehicle sales jump 58 percent in Q1 2020 in Europe while passenger car sales overall fell 53 percent during same period

Charles Jolicoeur / Motor Illustrated »

Sales of EVs reached 130,297 in the European Union, the UK, and countries who are part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

That represents a 58 percent increase over electric vehicle sales in Europe in Q1 2019 and a 4.3 percent overall market share improvement for EVs in Europe.

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