Only two vehicles with safety drivers behind the wheels will be permitted in San Francisco, and then public roads only during daylight hours.

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To start, Uber said it will have just two Volvo XC90 self-driving cars on the road that will be accompanied by two safety drivers in the front seats. The vehicles will drive on select public streets, only operate during daylight hours and won’t carry passengers. The company said that after it completes an infrastructure update to its system, it’ll expand its program in the city.

After the fatal crash in Arizona, Uber’s self-driving program fell under the scrutiny of local police, lawmakers and federal investigators. The company pulled all its autonomous vehicles from public roads and shuttered its Arizona operations at that time. In November, government officials released their findings on the main cause of the crash, saying the vehicle operator failed to monitor the road, Uber had an “inadequate safety culture” and the federal government hadn’t properly regulated the industry.

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