Randy MacEwen, President & CEO of Ballard Power Systems »

Elon Musk mistakenly refers to them as “fool cells”, but there’s no fooling about this: fuel cells are set for a breakout in 2020.


Three reasons: performance, cost reduction, and sustainability. Today, I’ll deep-dive into all three areas, to show why fuel cells are poised to make a big impact on the motive industry this year.

MacEwen argues these points »

  • Performance: The Only Viable Solution for Electrification of Heavy-Duty Motive
  • Cost Reduction: FCEVs Will Be the Most Affordable Option Within the Next Decade
  • Sustainability: FCEVs Address Emissions Throughout the Product Life Cycle

It’s well worth the time to read and consider MacEwen’s arguments if you have an open mind towards sustainability.

If you are more interested in how fast you can go from 0-60 mph in a straight line down a track, then Mr. Musk is your man.

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